The perfect solutions for your referral marketing

Every company is different. Maximize profits by combining Aklamio's tailor-made referral marketing solutions.


Incentivize customer referrals and boost your sales. Increase the loyalty of your most valuable customers by rewarding their engagement. Or open your referral program to non-customers for even faster growth.

Powerseller solutions

Offer semi-professional sellers an easy way to promote your products for a commission. Maximise results by providing them with special offers, higher incentives and complementary marketing material. Grow your powerseller community by rewarding the best performers of your referral program.

B2B referrals

Referral marketing also thrives in B2B environments. Set up a Merchant-gets-Merchant, Driver-gets-Driver, Agent-gets-Agent or similar program in mere days to foster growth in the dimensions that matter most to your business.


Incentivize your employees to help you hire expert talent faster by scouting through their network. Get better, more qualified candidates from employee referrals and increase your employees' engagement while promoting your company culture with our HR referral solution.

Cashback as a Service

Increase your conversion rates and reach your sales goals with dynamic cashback campaigns. Aklamio handles all payments and ensures that cashback users are incentivized to promote your brand to their friends. With Aklamio's omnichannel technology, run your cashback campaigns across all your acquisition channels.

Influencer analytics

Track how many sales stem from customer advocacy, which products have the highest virality and who are the most prolific influencers among your customers. Apply machine learning to identify and activate potential influencers within your customer base early on.

Mix and match

All our solutions run on the same infrastructure and can be easily combined. We will help you find the setup with the highest return.

Why wait?

Increase your acquisitions by up to 20% with our omnichannel referral solutions.